I began learning the bagpipes in 1998, and since that time the instrument and its music has brought me all across North America and over to Scotland, and has put me in contact with people all over the world. I am a Grade I bagpiper living in Bloomington, Indiana, playing with the Fountain Trust Pipe Band – Indiana’s highest level competitive pipe band.

Locally in Bloomington, I perform at events, teach students, and help organize for the Bloomington Pipers’ Society, an education and performance organization whose mission is to improve the standard of piping and drumming music in area.

About the Instruments

I play two different sets of drones – one of the Great Highland Bagpipe, and one for the Scottish Smallpipe. For those interested, below is my current playing configuration for each instrument:

Great Highland Bagpipes
  • Drones: David Naill DN5, 1998, African Blackwood
  • Drone Reeds: Ezeedrone tenors, Kinnaird Evolution bass
  • Chanters:
    • David Naill Solo Chanter, 1998, African Blackwood
    • Inveran Donaldson Master, 2015,
      African Blackwood
    • McCallum Bruce Gandy, 2016, African Blackwood
  • Chanter Reeds:
Scottish Smallpipes
  • Drones: Nate Banton 4-drone smallpipes, 2015, Palo Santo
  • Drone Reeds: Nate Banton custom
  • Chanters:
    • Nate Banton A smallpipe chanter, 2015, Palo Santo
    • Nate Banton C smallpipe chanter, 2015, Palo Santo
    • Nate Banton D smallpipe chanter, 2015, Palo Santo
  • Chanter Reeds:
    • All Nate Banton chanter reeds


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